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Aromatherapy + Affirmations

Soulcare kits

Anxiety is a constant state of worry, overthinking, or overanalyzing. Anxiety keeps your mind, body + spirit in a consistently stressed condition.

Anxiety is similar to having 40 tabs open on your computer; instead it's your brain.

Anxiety keeps you from enjoying your life, seeing the beauty inside yourself, + meeting your own needs. 

Anxiety keeps you on a hamster wheel, depleting your mental energy + leaving you exhausted.


"Negative Thoughts No longer control me. I am not worrying about all the things that can go wrong + I Am excited for all the things that will go right!"

Peace Comes From Within. The Soul Always Know What to Do to Heal Itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.

Our Signature Aromatherapy + Affirmation routine is proven to guide you towards love, joy, peace, and self control. Incorporating this routine has changed the lives of many in just 21 days. Our SoulCare Kit includes an all-natural hand poured Soy Blend Meditation  Candle, a special herb blend Bath Salt,  all-natural handcrafted Massage Soap Bar, and a life changing affirmation guide + journal. This combination helps you to cultivate a habit of listening to your soul, identifying self-limiting beliefs, and meditating on affirmations that are actually true about you and your life. This restorative process creates new thought patterns that leads to feelings of self love and acceptance that leads to actions of soulcare and selfcare. When you begin to care for your soul, you will begin to live a life of contentment and of peace, a life full of abundance and prosperity.

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Herbs and essential oils are medicine for your brain + your body.
Lavender: calms the nervous system, your mood + lower blood pressure. 
Peppermint: relieves pain, clears sinuses + improves mental function,  + reduces stress.
Sweet Orange: reduces inflammation, boost your energy + immunity + helps with anxiety + depression.
Affirmations help you to feel positive about yourself and have confidence.

Affirmations influence your subconscious mind to help your brain access a new belief system.

Affirmations changes your neuropathways + recondition negative feelings associated with negative thoughts.
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